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Orphans, abandoned, destitute and poor children are cared at our children homes irrespective of caste or creed or religion and provide a home for them with food, clothing and education and to make children as happy as possible. To foster among them the spirit of service, self help, simplicity and sacrifice and to make them as good citizens of the nation. Simultaneously the life in the children’s home will lead to the spiritual growth by way of attending daily devotions and prayers and to know the love of Jesus Christ through the Ecclesia Ministries.

You see the children in the photos, once they were abandoned, Our Evangelists found them and placed them in our children homes . Saving Children from death, Saving souls for eternal life.

We build homes to help us rebuild the lives of children. When we begin the process of rebuilding a child, we begin with the heart. Most importantly, while these children are receiving food and clothing and the years of schooling they are also given the opportunity to grow in Christ. We know if we train a child according to the ways of the Bible, that child will bring many others to know about Christian love. It has been said that when the lord made the world He did not start with children, rather He gave them to us and made them our responsibility. Ecclesia Ministries continues to bring hope and save lives, but we need you now more than ever before.

Save a Child just for 50 cents a day or $20/- per month

Schools & Craft Centers: Our Schools provide adequate educational facilities not only to our home children but also the need of the community as a whole. We impart sound basic education with art, crafts and other vocational subjects.

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